Saturday, June 3, 2023

How to Write Dialogue: The Very Basics and More

 I am excited to announce my latest book...


Available here (Amazon):


This concise book, fewer than 60 pages, offers dialogue-writing lessons and examples for aspiring writers of all levels.

Whether you are a new writer eager to complete your first book or a more experienced author who needs a little help crafting varied, publication-worthy dialogue, this straight-to-the-point eBook has been written with you in mind.

How to Write Dialogue: The Very Basics and More begins with a careful examination of a dialogue sentence, including the precise placement of punctuation. From there, brief chapters address additional fundamentals, while gradually progressing to more advanced techniques.

Throughout, clear examples demonstrate how to craft solid dialogue, while concise explanations provide the insights writers need to improve their dialogue delivery and to keep readers riveted to their characters’ conversations.

In addition to teaching conventional dialogue, this book also demonstrates how to:

  • show characters talking to themselves, aloud and silently
  • show characters communicating using only gestures or facial expressions
  • pair characters’ thoughts and emotional reactions with their dialogue sentences
  • add silence and topic avoidance to conversations
  • subtly “talk” to your readers while your characters talk among themselves

Finally, a list of tips is included to further sharpen every writer’s dialogue awareness and skills.


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