Monday, June 10, 2019

My current projects.

An update on my current writing projects is long overdue. So, here it is:

1) Bound to Eve, Part Three. I am still making progress on this one, but the final book in the series, unlike the first two, has felt like a mountain climb. And forcing full-time efforts on this project hasn't yielded great results, only frustration. However, periodic bursts for weeks/months at a time has been both exciting and productive. Therefore, that's the way I'm tackling this one for now. So, if you're eager for book three, please be patient; I am dedicated to finishing the series with a book that is worthy and satisfying.

2) Fragile Hearts and Ride-along Giraffes. This book began as a National Novel Writing Month effort, and so far, it has been zipping along at a pace I'm not accustomed to (yet I am loving). I wouldn't be surprised if my test-readers receive a draft by October. Here's a one-sentence description of the book (early draft):
A teenage girl with a recently repaired heart risks everything to win the love of a troubled young man, but in the end, it is his broken family and his heartaches that race her toward disaster.

3) Manufactured Beauty. I hope to publish this sci-fi short story as a Kindle short read sometime this summer. Here is a description:

What will the world be like when advances in science and technology allow us to instantly remove all of our bodily imperfections, even our limited lifespans? And what will cheating nature cost us?
This short story explores that future with the help of a wrinkled old man, his faithful Border Collie, and two young women who worry about their “imperfections.”

4) I have other books (fiction and nonfiction), short stories, and poems under the incubation lights as well, and I work on these when I find myself needing a break from my current projects. I'm not sure how or when I'll share these, but I hope to when they're ready.

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